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  • The control room "Brettet"

The control room "Brettet"

Experience the unique control room "Brettet" on a guided tour through the museum.


In the middle of the powerstation, up on the wall, you find "Brettet" (the board). Initially it was placed on the outside of the wall on a balcony in the machine hall. In order to expand the control panel and to reduce the noice it was moved  to a room behind the wall with windows facing the machine hall. This is the way you can see it today. The control panel is logically and esthetically designed. The instruments are placed on 45 mm thick marble plates. These are beautiful, practical as well as safe in use as they ewre isolating the electricity. 

The 3. engineer - or machine operator - worked here.


Kontrollrommet "Brettet" i Tysso I



Tysso I hydropower plant was build between 1906 and 1918. It was one of the largest high pressure plants in the world. Tysso I was the life nerve of the industrial societies Odda and Tyssedal.

The power plant is well preserved and is one of the formost technical and industrial heritage sites in Norway today. It tells the story obout the waterpower development and about the emergence of the modern Norway.

It is crucual for the museum to preserve and create life to the facility. Extensive resaturation has been made since 1999 both of the powerstation and the other facilities connected to it, such as the penstock.

Tyssedal hydropower plant, Tysso I, was announced a national heritage site by the directorat for cultural heritage on 15. may 2000.

Brett og brettvakt i Tysso I

The controlroom engineer on the balcony and "Brett" placed on teh east wall inside the station before 1942. Foto:NVIM

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