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Sentralbadet house of literature

Built in 1908 it originally built as a smithy, workshop and storehouse for the cyanamide plant. The workers had no washing facilities before 1937. Then showers and locker rooms were introduced. The building was initially equipped with 4 showers, and later 22 showers, 7 toilets and 2 washrooms.

The brick building is a typical example of the industrial architecture which was current in England at the time. It combines international art nouveau designs with classical details.


The building faces what is now called the Linde square, together with the Linde House and the Science Centre. It is a popular meeting place, just off the town’s central pedestrian street.



The house of literature newly renovated. 


It was thanks to the efforts of two Odda-born writers, Frode Grytten and Marit Eikemo, that the building became Norway’s second house of literature in 2009. Together with local restorers, architect Gro Lavold planned the renovation and remodelling of the old building. Their intention was to preserve and show some of the original functions of the building, at the same time assuring it vaunted all the facilities expected from a modern house of literature. Renovation works began in 2011, funded by local and national institutions and foundations.



The building is used for cultural events as lectures, social gatherings, book sales and, most importantly, by the annual Literature Festival of Odda, one of Norway’s most prestigious.


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