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Exploring Odda’s old industrial site

Odda’s pioneering industrial history, which began at the end of the 19th century, is key to understanding the industrial history of Norway as a whole. The earliest major factories were built at the head of the fjord; ice-free harbours allowed year-round shipping, and the nearby waterfalls ensured a continuous supply of electrical power.

Informasjonstavle cyanamidesilo

12 information boards on several factory buildings. Photo: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet



In 2003, when after a century Odda Smelteverk ceased operation, its huge industrial site was gradually opened to the public. For three generations, only the factory workers had been allowed within the gates. In a sense, the people of Odda have now reclaimed the industrial area. New companies have been established in the old buildings, and municipal authorities have designated the area as integral to Odda’s future urban development.


Twelve information boards explain the functions of each building and the factory as a whole. QR codes point to archival film footage that you can watch online. The information boards were produced by the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry - now Kraftmuseet, in cooperation with local and county authorities, foundations and local sponsors. 


Informasjonsskilt Smelteverkstomta


If you use the QR-code on the boards, you can watch short film sequences from when the factory still was running. 



Odda Smelteverk from NVIM on Vimeo.

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