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What role does water play for the affluent society? What is the value of the untouched waterfalls? What does energy efficiency has to say? The norwegian water-troll Fossegrimen is a red line in this exhibition, focusing on mans relationship to water an watercourses through the ages. 

Water is among the worlds most important natural resources. In Norway, running water is the most important power source, but have we soon reached the limit for expansion? Or do we have to continue the development to avoid empty magazines and high electricity prices? We do not give you the answers....they are for yourself to find... 


Tyssestrengene i Ringedalen The mighty twin-waterfall beside the famous Trolltunga. Photo: Harald Hognerud NVIM


Wild, untouched nature and water have always been a source of recreation an inspiration. In the 19th century the painters of the romance painted "The Norwegian Landscape" with its steep mountains and running water.



The Fossegrime is in Norwegian folklore known as a water-troll living under running water and waterfalls. Water and the power of water has had an important place in ancient myths, fairytales and superstitions, and many a fantastic tale has been told over the years. 

Utstilling Fossegrimen


The exhibition has been produced in close cooperation with the stately water department Norges vassdrags- og energidirektorat (NVE), as a part of the agreement between the museum and the state in NVEs museumsordning 

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