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The giant leap

Why is there industry in Odda? Why did they actually start hydropower production and industry in Tyssedal and Odda? In this exhibition you can get a glimpse of the society before the industry was established; a hardworking farmers community and a lively tourist region.

This is a rich history about foresight, hard work, difficult circumstances, class distinctions and the strong believe in the future. A very vibrant piece of history is revealed in the exhibition.

You will see people - the navvy, the cook, the engineer, the director. Through their stories the history comes alive.


The exhibition fills two rooms on the main floor in the administration building in Tyssedal. Photos, exhibits accompanied by rich texts.The majestic Ringedal dam rises in the exhibition, and the old honourable hotel Hardanger has been rebuilt in miniature. A model of an old Norwegian mill-house; - the forerunner of the turbine wheels that we can see in the power station. 


The exhibition is texted in english and german.     

Welcome to an exciting meeting with a norwegian industrial adventure!


Bondejente frå utstillinga i NB7   Rallaren i utstillinga i NB7   Funksjonæren i utstillinga i NB7

The farmers girl, the navvy and the functionary in the exhibition in  Naustbakken 7. Foto: Harald Hognerud NVIM




Industrihistorisk utstilling i NB7

Industry historical exhibition. Foto: Harald Hognerud NVIM


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