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A shiny metallic future

What is Zinc actually used for? 


In the autumn of 1929 the Norwegian Zinc-Company Ltd established a new factory at Eitrheimsneset. The newcomer was, and still is, the largest factory in Odda.

The factory has changed owner and name several times, but has always been affectionately known as "Zinken".


The main products are Zinc and aluminium fluoride, which is shipped all over the world. The story of "Zinken" is part of Odda’s industrial adventure.


In our exhibition you can learn about “stripping” at the factory, what the connection is between Zinc and baby’s bottoms, about the worker’s day to day routine of punching in and out, WWII, ownership, metal exchange, and not the least how old pollution problems are being solved.

Utstilling Zink


Like the other permanent exhibitions "A Shiny Metallic Future” is richly illustrated with pictures and objects. An “authentic” factory impression is created through the extended use of Zinc and metal.


The zink factory in Odda is owned by New Boliden, one of the leading mining and smelting companies in Europe with operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland and theNetherlands. 
Boliden's main products are copper, zinc, lead and gold and silver. The number of employees is approximately 4 500 and the turnover amounts to approximately EUR 3.8 billion annually.Boliden aquired Norzink AS on April 17th, 2001.



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