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The powermuseum

The museum is open all year, opening hours are tuesdays to fridays from 10am to 3pm. 

Visits outside the opening hours are possible for groups if booked in advance. Please contact the museum for offers.


Visit the spectacular hydropower museum in Tyssedal with its mighty castle-like building and get a stunning view from the top of the penstock!


Kraftstasjonen Tysso 1 ved Sørfjorden mai 2019 The hydropower station Tysso 1 is today a national heritage site. Beautifully situated by the Sørfjord. Photo: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet



Take a hike to the top Lilletopp, drive up to the damm at the gate to Trolltunga, visit the old workers houses or the science center in Odda city.

In Tyssedal you can see the film The industrial adventure before you wander through the historical powerstation, or join our skilled guides on one of the scheduled tours. 


You may also study the exhibitions and the hydropower station in your own pace. 


In the museum shop you can buy delicious local applejuice, chutneys and marmelades. A variety of souvenirs and local crafts are also for sale.


Varer i museumsbutikken   Diverse smykker

The museum shop. 






Lilletopp is a shelf on the mountainside above the powerstation. The hydropower facility consists of several small buildings, tunnel and a large mountain hall where water was collected. These fascilities are no longer operational, tunnels and caves are dried out and are today accessable. Lilletopp is connected with the powerstation down at the fjord with the penstock.


During the summer holidays, Lilletopp is open to the public all days from 11am to 4pm. The somewhat steep, but absolutely walkable trail, leads you in only 20 to 30 minutes through the history of hydropower to the hydropower fascilities over 400 meters above sea level.


It is also possible to climb the steep mountainside together with skilled climbers from Trolltunga Active

Klatrere på fjellveggen Climbing to Lilletopp the hard way..... Foto: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet


Once you have arrived Lilletopp and mount Oksla, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the glacier Folgefonna, the Hardangerfjord as well as over the places Tyssedal and Odda.


Join us on a guided tour through the empty tunnels and waterbassin. Try your skills with hammer and mine drill like the navvys did when they carved out the stone from the mountain to make tunnels.


Opening hours during the summer season all days from 11am to 4pm.


This guided tour can be booked for groups outside opening hours. Price on demand. It is not possible to visit the facilities on your own, but you can of course do the hike to the plateau.





Film i fordelingsbassenget på Lilletopp  

The guided tour also includes a film or other happenings. Foto: Anne Gravdal Kraftmuseet




Utsikt frå Oksla innover mot Odda.

Stunning view from the cliff over the fjord. Foto: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet





Historical workers houses

Hagen og arbeidarbustadane i Odda

The garden and the houses of the workers families in the center of Odda. Foto: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet


On demand we would love to show you the historical workers houses which are reset to the decades of 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1950. Additionally we show the film The Children in Bakke, in which Bodil and Harald tells us about their childhood living in these houses, and how it was growing up in the newly established industrial town of Odda at the beginning of the 20th century.


The beautiful garden is open for everyone to linger after a long day of shopping in the city.


NOK 50,- per person



KraftLaben -  a science center

You are welcome to visit the science center in the Odda city. Children can participate in kitchen experiments, or learn playfully about hydropower, chemistry and electricity. Outside in the science park, you will find a chess game and a variety of activities


Opening hours:

Tuesdays to saturdays from 11am to 4pm during the summer holidays.


NOK 50,- per person.


Knall og flammer på vitensenteretExperiments are part of the daily science show. Foto: Kraftmuseet



How to produce electricity from water. Foto: Harald Hognerud Kraftmuseet






Linedans under opninga av vitenparken

Play outdoor chess or try your skills as a line dancer in the science park.  Foto: Dag Endre Opedal Kraftmuseet


The rest of the year the museum is open tuesdays to fridays from 10am to 3pm. You are very welcome to visit! 

What do you get when you visit the museum outside the main season:

You can see films about the pioneering work of the navvies or the ingenieurs, see the exhibitions and the hydropower station on your own. A guided tour for groups on all our locations can be booked in advance.

Welcome to the museum!


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Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry

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